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Marketing & Business Resources for Independent Music Teachers

Business side of your studio got you down?

Admin tasks, marketing, social media, long teaching hours and client communication that seep into personal time…

You skip out on stuff with friends and family because you’re too busy. That vacation you wanted? There’s no way.

It’s the dreaded too much and not enough dilemma. You’re working hard, but don’t have enough to show for it.


Savvy Music Studio - Sara Campbell
Savvy Music Studio - Sara Campbell

You deserve to run a business that you love.

Imagine having awesomely organized systems that free up your time and brain space. We’re talkin’ policies, automations, business and marketing strategies, THE WORKS! 

When you leave the studio, you’re energized and inspired. You have time left in your week to spend with your family and friends.

And that vacation? You’re going this year. And it’s going to be EPIC.

Because you deserve to dream about something other than business.
marketing for music teachers - Sara Campbell

Enter Savvy Music Studio.

Hi, I’m Sara Campbell, and I’m a Marketing and Business Strategist for independent music teachers and music school owners.

I know first-hand how hard it can be to run a music studio or to sell online courses. (Totally. Get. It.)

That’s why I spent years working with business and marketing coaches… so I could bring that magic back into our professional field!

When I’m not coaching or teaching you’ll find me hanging around the western Pennsylvania countryside, where I do exciting things like spending time at the gym, kayaking, and gardening.

And petting cats.

P.S. I rarely wear heels. But those pink pants screamed for them. Full disclosure — I’m a Birkenstock girl.

We support independent music teachers to improve their business & marketing strategies.

(So they can spend time doing things OUTSIDE of business!)
1:1 Coaching

Ready for your next level? I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to create customized branding foundations, business plans, and marketing and social media strategies.

Courses & Other Services

Ready to turn things up a notch? I've got you covered with self-paced courses, website and social audits, and group coachings designed to help you get savvy with your business side.

The Savvy Blog

Short reads and deep thoughts - you'll find them both on our blog! Search by category or browse the newest reads. Think of this as your mojo and inspiration database. Kapow!

Free Video Resources

We've got a massive YouTube library of videos on marketing, business strategy, client communication, and social media. We go live most Wednesdays on Facebook and YouTube!

The best upgrade I ever made to my Voice Studio was working with Sara. She really dug into my policies & procedures, made sure I focused on my goals and what needs to happen next. She gave me a complete outline to use on myself as a guide for social media content. Sara was one of the best upgrades I ever made to my business to help alleviate STRESS. I was having a hard time & she showed me compassion. I'm grateful we crossed paths and now I can call her friend. Thank you!
Voice teacher Ashley smiling at the camera
Ashley Conway
Owner of Ashley Denay Music Entertainment

Welcome to the Savvy music teacher fam!

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