It's time to Get Savvy
with your music studio

Business side of your studio got you down?

Admin tasks, marketing, social media, long teaching hours and client communication that seep into personal time…

You skip out on stuff with friends and family because you’re too busy. That vacation you wanted? There’s no way.

It’s the dreaded too much and not enough dilemma. You’re working hard, but don’t have enough to show for it. 

Savvy Music Studio - Sara Campbell
Savvy Music Studio - Sara Campbell

You deserve to run a business that you love.

I want you to imagine the possibilities… You’ve got your awesomely organized systems in place and you’re ready to take on the world. 

When you leave the studio, you feel energized and inspired. You have time left in your week to spend with your family and friends.

And that vacation? You’re going this year. And it’s going to be EPIC.

Because you deserve to dream about something other than business.

Enter Savvy Music Studio.

Hi, I’m Sara Campbell, and I’m a Business Strategist and Mindset Coach for music studio owners and online education experts, just like you.

At Savvy Music Studio you’ll find resources designed to meet YOUR business needs as an independent music teacher.

I know first-hand how hard it can be to run a music studio or to sell online music courses. (Totally. Get. It.)

That’s why I spent years working with business, mindset, and social media coaches.. so I could bring that magic back into our professional field.

When I’m not coaching or teaching… you’ll find me hanging around in the western Pennsylvania countryside, where I do exciting things like yoga, kayaking, and gardening.

And petting cats.

At Savvy Music Studio, you’ll find resources to address your music studio’s biggest challenges.

Weekly Broadcasts

Every Wednesday at 12pm ET, I go live on Facebook to discuss business, marketing, and mindset strategies for music studio owners and online education experts.

Online Courses

Ready to turn things up a notch? I've got you covered with self-paced courses, workshops, and group coachings designed to help you get savvy with your business side.

The Savvy Blog

The place where you’ll find business, marketing, and mindset advice, broadcast show notes, and downloadable resources. Think of this as your mojo database. Kapow!

1:1 Coaching

I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to create customized branding foundations, business plans, and marketing and social media strategies.

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Wanna get a taste of the content we provide? Get thee on the Savvy email list!