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3 FB Page Mistakes I’ve Made in My Music Studio

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There are basically two things we can do when we make a mistake, right?

Option 1: Run away screaming, vowing never to get close to whatever it was that caused that mistake to happen. Give up on that particular project and move on to something else that feels more comfortable and less scary. #RUNAWAY #NOPE

Option 2: Choose to learn from the mistake, because “hey, ___ happens.” There’s always a second (third, fourth) try, right? Trouble shoot some of the things. If you can’t figure it out, ask someone for help. #practicemakesfperfect

When it comes to running a FB business page, I made plenty of mistakes when I was first getting started with my music studio.

I made plenty of them.

They weren’t business-closing-level mistakes, but they were frustrating, and I’m pretty sure that at least one of them resulted in me losing out on some potential clients. 

This week I thought I’d share 3 that stood out in my mind, and how I was able to overcome those mishaps. So grab a snack, sit back and relax… and let’s learn from some mistakes.

Show Notes from the Broadcast:

  1. Pinned posts need to be fresh. Think of them like vegetables… they go bad after a while. And you don’t want a piece of limp celery at the front of your cart. Be aware of your pinned post, and keep it relevant to what’s going on in your studio.
  2. Using SM as a megaphoneIf every single one of your posts includes a call-to-action to “sign up for lessons!” or “get a free trial!,” your audience might tune you out. Good social media marketing won’t feel like an endless advertisement — in fact, it won’t feel like advertisement at all. 
  3. Neglecting comments or messages. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t appreciate FB’s “Very Responsive” badge. (You can read about it here after you’re done with this post.) That said, it’s important to respond to SM comments and messages in somewhat of a timely fashion. Years ago, I missed out on an ideal client because I saw their FB inquiry 3 months late. 

Have you made one of these mistakes? 

No shame in that. The social media is a hard game to play, especially since they keep changing the rules on us all the time!

(Did you hear about the new FB biz page format that’s rolling out? Or the new FB live format? Changes are happening soon. Brace yourself.)

Pssst… If you listening in about the part about The Social Media Savvy Studio… you can check it out here. 

Hope this training was useful!

Catch more business, mindset, and awesometicity tips here on the coaching page every Wednesday at 12pm ET.

Stay creative, and stay you! 💚

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