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3 Steps to Releasing Self-Doubt in Your Studio Business

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Setting effective business practices and boundaries can feel mentally and emotionally draining. And it’s easy to get stuck in an unhealthy cycle of self-doubt when we have to make courageous business shifts. If you’ve struggled to become a business-loving independent music educator…

This video is for you.

In this broadcast, I’m taking that  the emotional cycle that can occur when we find ourselves STUCK in an uncomfortable business situation — AND I’m sharing 3 steps you can use to get unstuck.

… and we’ll get a lengthy visit from my cat, Grizabella. *ahem*


  1. Learn to recognize the signs. What does self doubt look like when you’re struggling? It looks different for everyone. (Enter Griz.) Higher anxiety levels, lack of sleep, reacting instead of responding… these are all signs of self-doubt creeping into your life. Recognizing your unique signs is the first step. What does it look like when you are feeling stuck? 
  2. Step back and evaluate. Once you recognize the signs… step back and think about what’s actually happen. Ask yourself, “Is this thought true?” (Most often, the answer is no.) If there is truth in that thought, what would happen if you released that thought? Would it change how you feel? Would it change how you act? 
  3. Create new habits. Reset the way you react to self-doubt. This can be done in so many ways: writing down your thoughts, creating routines that help support healthy reactions, and recognizing that “this isn’t how it’s always going to be.” Think about that BLOCKED popup! 

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Catch more business, mindset, and awesometicity tips here on the coaching page every Wednesday at 12pm ET.

Thanks for reading and listening! Stay savvy, stay you. 


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