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3 Time Saving Tools for Your Music Studio

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3 Time Saving Tools For Your Music Studio

Who loves time saving tools? (Me!) Making content for your studio is time consuming, and there’s nothing more frustrating than *running out of time* to create something. Whether it’s a video for your student… a studio policy… social media images…

You want to be able to crank out that content without overthinking or wrestling with tech issues.

Over the years I’ve found lots of tiny tools that help me cut down the time it takes me to create content for my studio. These tiny tools might not seem super important by themselves, but when we start integrating them into our systems, the time that we save really starts adding up.

A place we’d all love to save time…

You need to send out an email to parents reminding them that in order to cancel / reschedule (if your studio does that sort of thing) they need to login to your scheduling platform and use the system instead of texting you at 9pm that Billy has a soccer match tomorrow and won’t be able to make it to his lesson.

Rather than just sending an email that goes through each and every step, which means you have to login to the system, write everything down, and translate that into doable steps in an email… wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just show them how to do it?

There’s tech for that.

Time saving tools to the rescue…

You find yourself editing your studio policies in Word, copying and pasting all sorts of things here and there as you try to bring your 5 page policy down to just 2 pages. (A girl can dream, right?)

Halfway through the document, you realize that you cut out a section and forgot to paste it somewhere. You’ve already copy / pasted other stuff, so now that sentence isn’t in your “paste clipboard.” DANG IT. Now you’re digging through piles of papers trying to find the old studio policy so that you can retype that specific sentence.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just rewind time and capture that sentence again? Now, I won’t say that the tool I’m suggesting actually lets you time travel, BUT it’s basically the next best thing.

And what about…

Let’s imagine that you’re making social media images or a recital program and you want it to look on brand, but the colors that you’re trying to select on Word or Canva just aren’t quite matching up with the logo that you use. Just “blue-ish” isn’t gonna cut it.

Yes, there’s tech for that too.

In this video I share (and walk through) three of my favorite time saving tools that save me HOURS of time in the music studio each week. So put on your tech-tip hats… ’cause this is gonna be fun!

Show Notes from the Broadcast:

The tools that I’ve listed below are available as Chrome extensions. These are fancy do-dads that you add to your chrome browser. They’re super easy to install and they’re free. (Sweet!) Here are the three time-saving tools that I detail in the video:

  1. ColorZilla is your friend. This will allow you to sample hex codes (fancy name for “that exact shade of blue” instead of having to point and click you’re way through a color wheel until you find something that’s “close enough.” This is great for figuring out how to match colors exactly. Use it in conjunction with Canva to create beautifully matched images.
  2. Loom Video is a huge time saver. Sometimes it’s SO much easier to show than to tell. Whether you’re going through a studio policy, teaching a parent how to use MMS, or recording a quick video tip for a student. Loom is AWESOME.
  3. Clipboard History Pro has saved me hours of retyping. How many times have you copy / pasted something, only to lose it because you copy / pasted something else? This extension fixes that issue.

If you have time-saving tools in your music studio that you’d love to share, comment below!

I’d love to know about the tools YOU love. Oh, and hey.. if you’d like to learn more about saving time in your studio, be sure to check out this post about solving communication woes, it’s got some great tips to save you time writing emails and text messages. And if getting clear on hex codes and other branding items, you’ll love this post about rebranding.

I hope that you found this info valuable. Catch more business, mindset, and awesometicity tips here on the coaching page every Wednesday at 12pm ET.

Thanks for reading and listening! Stay savvy, stay you. 

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  1. Sara – Love the new format, but I didn’t hate the old format. Oh, I can feel your pain of having to go back through old blog posts to make some type of universal change. It makes the old carpenter’s expression, measure twice, cut once, seem like it should be measure 10 times before even locating your knife!

    1. Thanks, Broc! We’re still tinkering with layouts and featured images. It’s taken some getting used to — the H1 and H2 on this format are too big, so I’m going through the migrated posts and redoing all the headings. (And I’m exploring Yoast SEO tools in the process. Fun stuff!)

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