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5 Surprising Branding Mistakes Music Studio Owners Make

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Branding… it’s something we don’t talk about a lot in the world of music education. Why?​ I’m not 100% sure, but I’m doing my best to break down that barrier.

At its worst, “brand” feels like a four letter business word.

At its best, it still feels a bit sketchy and unknown. Isn’t “branding” something that only big companies need to do? That’s a big and resounding NOPE.


And your music studio deserves to have an awesomely crafted brand that attracts the clients you can help the most.

This is the first of a 2-part video series that demystifies what branding looks like in a music studio, and why we as music education professionals need to take control over our studio brands.


  1. Thinking you don’t have a brand. Every business has a brand, because the “brand” is the perception that other people have of your business. If we don’t help craft that perception, well… 
  2. Trying to please everyone. Ever heard the phrase “if you talk to everyone, you talk to no one”? That applies to marketing our studios too. We can miss out on attract the clients we can help the most if our message is watered down to appease everyone.
  3. Using vague copy / photos. Stock photos can be lovely, but if you’re using the same photos that everyone else uses… it’s not so lovely. Your images and social / website copy need to help your studio stand out.
  4. Getting stuck in old ways. Some logos can stand the test of time. Others can’t. It sucks when we realize that our branding is dated, but think of it this way: it’s a great opportunity to refresh! We need to revisit our brand perception regularly so that it doesn’t look old. 
  5. Thinking current instead of future. Instead of imbuing your branding elements with what’s currently going on in your studio… what if you looked ahead? Do you want to start teaching more teens? Then write / design with them in mind. Do you want to switch to a group format? Then your branding needs to reflect your future plans!

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Thanks for reading and listening! Stay creative, stay you. 

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