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who the heck is this lady?

Who I am:

By day I’m a business strategist and marketing coach for music studio owners and online education experts.  I’ve worked with hundreds of independent music teachers (IMTs!) to create customized branding foundations, business plans, and marketing and social media strategies. By night, I have an awesome voice and piano studio in West Middlesex, Pennsylvania.

I have a deep love for cats. And yoga. And succulents. And half-hearted gardening.

And I love figuring out problems.

How I got here:

After finishing grad school in my late-20s, I worked as an adjunct and independent contractor at local music stores. My income had one thing that was consistent: its inconsistency. I felt frustrated being unable to do things that I thought would be easy: car repairs, vacations, retirement, and student loans.

I knew that something had to change, and that’s when I realized I was being called to “go solo.”

And as a soprano, ya know… I was ALL about that. 😉 

Starting my own studio was a big decision. It meant letting go of jobs that I’d had for years and walking away from 8 years of graduate school training and adjunct teaching. My parents and in-laws thought I was nuts, but I did it anyway.

I opened my studio and started spreading the news that I was there.

One of the biggest lessons I learned early on was that comparison is the thief of joy. My stomach used to get tied in knots when I thought about the well-established teachers in my area, or when I’d discover someone else’s tuition rate was higher (or lower) than mine.

BUT… when I finally started leaning into what made me unique as a teacher and a studio, I began to enjoy running my own business.

And I started getting a lot more clients.

Fast forward over a dozen years, five-hundred music blog posts, ten online courses, and a grand piano later… and I found myself teaching other teachers how to build their own unique studios.

The reason I do my work today is because I believe what we offer as piano teachers, voice teachers, and ukulele teachers is not only important, but exceptionally valuable in today’s world. And the most powerful way I can help bring music into the lives of others is by helping music teaching experts to become the best dang business owners they can be.

Maybe you’re not walking away from a job to start a studio, but somewhere deep inside you know that you’re ready to make a larger impact in your community, and you’re ready to feel valued as an music expert and a business owner.

Business shifts, big or small, require brave and strategic moves, and those shifts can feel scary.

We’ll make excuses that “this isn’t the right moment,” or “maybe next year.” But really? There is no perfect moment and next year might not be any different… unless you make the decision to make a difference.

And when you do? You’ll be amazed at what can happen.

The "Fancy" Bio

sara campbell savvy music studio branding manager

Sara Campbell is a Business, Marketing, and Mindset Coach for music studio owners and online education experts. She’s worked with hundreds of independent music teachers to create customized branding foundations, business plans, and marketing and social media strategies.

She helps clients become the go-to music studios in their area, build successful online businesses, and increase their income streams – without overloading their schedules. As a mindset coach she works with teachers to develop their “awesometicity” so that they can run awesome AND authentic music studios and online businesses that bring joy to their lives and the lives of their clients.

Sara’s work has been featured in Clavier Magazine, The MTNA Business Digest, Piano Bench MagUpbeat Piano Teachers, and she has guest blogged for numerous experts, including Jennifer Foxx, Joy Morin, and Tim Topham. She’s been a podcast guest on The Full Voice Podcast,  Inspiring Music TeachersMusic Lessons & Marketing with Dave SimonTeach Music Online PodcastThe Musicality Podcast7-Figure Music School, and The Piano Pantry Podcast.

Outside of Savvy, she serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and program coach in The Speakeasy Cooperative, and as a strategy coach in The Prepared Performer. Sara lives in Pennsylvania on a non-working farm (aka just have a lot of trees and grass) with her husband Brad and their three cats, Freja, Bjørn, and Mr. Briggs.

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