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Embracing AI: Cutting-Edge Tools for Music Teachers & Studios

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Embracing AI: Cutting-Edge Tools for Music Teachers & Studios

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It’s time to talk about AI tools for music teachers! In a world that’s increasingly driven by technology, AI is becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives, revolutionizing the way we work, create, and communicate. **

Among the myriad of AI tools available (there are SOOOOO many!), a few have become my absolute favs — and I wanted to share how and why these tools that have become my go-tos for efficiency and innovation.

SO… if you’re looking for ways to streamline and get more creative with tasks around admin, content creation, etc, keep reading friend, ‘cause I think you’re gonna like these tools too!

*** Yes… this continuous integration of AI into pretty much everything will continue to happen, even if you aren’t intentionally using AI, which is why you’ll see me talking about it more ‘cause I wanna do my part to keep our music teacher world in-the-know.*

AI tools for music teachers - ChatGPT logo


My #1 AI Tools for Music Teachers

ChatGPT has made a significant impact on productivity in my business. As a free tool, it offers a range of functionalities, and they’re constantly adding new integrations. Here are a few ways we use it here at a Savvy — and some other suggestions you might want to try!

How we use it at Savvy:

  • To get quick feedback on website, blog, and sales page copy flow and grammar.
  • Brainstorming topics / titles for broadcast ideas. (Admittedly, my ChatGPT assistant has a penchant for too much alliteration and music metaphors. I often have to ask her to tone that shiz down.)
  • Creating summaries and outlines of video transcripts. This is super useful when we wanna repurpose our videos into graphic carousels!

Other ways music teachers can use it:

  • One of its standout features is its ability to summarize documents, which can be super useful when needing to (1) communicate policy changes clearly or (2) shorten lengthy policies that… let’s face it: clients won’t read.
  • It’s also fabulous for drafting studio emails. Wanna quickly write 3 reminder emails about your studio’s spring recital? Give ChatGPT the important details, info about email length and tone, and let it write the rough drafts for you.
  • ChatGPT can also be a great place for brainstorming social media content. It even has the capability to create tables!

ChatGPT PRICE: Free or $20 for the paid version. Since we use this tool at Savvy quite a lot, we opted for the paid version to get access to GPT-4 and some of their other features — but the free version should be good for most users!

If you’re new to using AI to generate content, here’s an important piece of advice:
The responses you get from ChatGPT or any AI generator will only be as good as the information and prompts you provide. The more precise you can be about explaining your business, clients, brand, etc… the better answers you’ll get. (And please, always check the info it gives you!)

AI tools for music teachers - Goblin.tools logo


Breaking Down Checklists

I am a total nerd when it comes to checklists! Goblin.Tools… despite the bizarre name, has earned a special place in my organizational heart, and it HAD to be included in this list of AI tools for music teachers

This tool helps users create detailed checklists by breaking down projects into tasks. It simplifies the process of project planning — ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

A few of the features that I really love:

  • The “spiciness” level lets you determine how much breaking down you need.
  • You can break down items into the smaller sub-tasks.
  • The ability to drag / drop / delete tasks until your list feels just right.
  • Options to automatically estimate time for each task.
  • The share button allows you to copy, print, or even share it to the app version.

Creating checklists for your studio isn’t the only way you can use this tool!

Their marketing tag line is: Smart tools for the neuro-spicy — so if you have neuro-diverse students who need extra assistance in breaking down learning and practice techniques, Goblin Tools can be really handy.

AND…. there’s more! (Imagine me saying that in a 1980s infomercial voice.)

If you play around with the menu at the top of the website, you’ll discover a myriad of other tools, the most entertaining of which is their Chef option.

Goblin.tools PRICE: Free! There is an app version for both Android and Apple that costs $0.99

Ai tools for music teachers - descript


My Fav for Video & Podcast Content

If you’re a music teacher who creates courses: Descript might be your new best friend. We started using this tool in 2023 — I’ve used a number of video editing softwares over the years, and Descript is far-and-away the easiest editing process I’ve ever experienced.

Descript is fabulous for video editing, podcasting, transcription, remote recording, and screen recording.

Their AI tools go beyond transcription. Here are a few things we love about it:

  • Automatically removes filler words such as “um” or “uh”
  • Sound correction to remove background noises
  • AI voice generation features (admittedly, that option creeps me out)
  • Eye contact correction — if you’re reading a script, Descript can make it look like you’re looking directly at the camera. (again, a little creepy!)
  • AI actions to take transcripts and turn them into summaries, YouTube video descriptions, podcast show notes, blog posts, etc.

You can see Descript in action at Savvy by watching our broadcast recaps socials or YouTube. Here’s an example on Instagram — all the overlays, captions, and editing was done on Descript.

Descript is also FABULOUS for editing video testimonials! (Hint, hint… you should get some at your next recital.)

Descript PRICE: $0 – $30 per month.The’s a number of levels, including a free option that allows one hour of transcription per month.

AI tools for music teachers - vidyo.ai logo


Automatically Create Short Form Videos

Another great video editing tool is Vidyo.ai. Its ability to create short clips from long videos makes it easy to extract and share highlights — we use it specifically to repurpose our live broadcasts into reels.

How it works:

  1. Upload your video
  2. Let Vidyo.ai do it’s magic! The vitality predictor automatically rates clips, providing valuable insights into the most engaging moments, and creating AI-generated transcripts and captions.
  3. Choose the clips you like!

If you’ve ever seen any reels by us on Facebook or Instagram… we probably made them using this tool. You can check out fan favs in our Best of Savvy 2023 blog post.

Sure, I could just record new reel content, but why do that when I’ve already put hours of work into developing live video. Repurposing is my favorite way of streamlining.

This AI tool would be great for music teachers who want to quickly create short clips of student performances or client testimonials. And it’s a must use for any teachers who create long-form video content and want to quickly repurpose.

Vidyo.ai PRICE: $0 – $50 a month. We’ve used the free version for over a year — it allows uploads of up to 75 minutes of video every month. Pretty cool stuff!

ai tools for music teachers - canva logo


Graphics + Videos + AI Magic

Canva has become synonymous with creativity, and its integration of AI features takes it to the next level. Their Magic Studio provides a ton of AI tools — as of January 2023 they had at least twenty!

My fav Canva AI tools:

  • Magic Eraser and Background Remover — works on graphics AND videos
  • Magic Resizer — allows you to resize graphics with a single click.
  • Magic Morph — lets you transform words and shapes into textures. (see below!)

In addition to the graphic AI tools, Canva’s Magic Write allows you to “go from a prompt to a first draft or on-brand copy in no time.” Like most AI writing tools, it also gives you options to reword, summarize, or expand your existing copy.

Wanna see more examples of Canva’s AI tools? Check out this Zapier blog post.

Canva PRICE: $0 to $14.99 per month. A few of the AI tools come with the free version, but if you want to get access to ALL their tools, you’ll want a paid account.

** I’ve said this before, and I’ll continue to say it… aside from scheduling and invoicing software, Canva is one of THE MOST valuable investments music business owners can make.

In conclusion:

WHEW! That was a lot of info on AI tools for music teachers, eh? Let’s wrap this up…

Without a doubt… AI is transforming our world and the way that we work. With SO many options out there… I know it can feel hard to “keep up.”

That’s one of the reasons I’m passionate about writing about this kinda cutting edge stuff: so you don’t have to.

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