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Attracting Awesome Students to Your Music Studio

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Attracting Awesome Students To Your Music Studio, how to get more music students, how to get more piano students, how to get more voice students

You love teaching. You’re GREAT at teaching. But you’d rather sight read Sondheim than market, promote yourself on social media, or do anything that feels even remotely “sales-y.”

But you also want to be able to get more music students to find your studio.

That’s where a lot of teachers start to feel stuck. How can you attract new and amazing clients without posting lots of “Open lesson spots available!” and “Join the studio today!” and “Enroll for a free trial lesson!”

(*let’s talk about that free trial lesson sometime, shall we?)

(*let’s talk about that free trial lesson sometime, shall we?)

If you want to attract awesome students, it starts with embracing the fact that…

you are an awesome teacher.

Once you realize that (’cause it’s true), then you need to lean into making that known on your website.

Start by asking yourself these questions: What does your current FB page communicate to potential students? What about your website? Your Google business listing? Do they clearly communicate who you serve and how you serve them? Do they give potential clients a sense of the amazingness that they’ll experience when they walk through your doors? (Whether in person or virtual.)

There are students out there who are waiting to find the right teacher for them, but if your online presence doesn’t clearly show them that you are that teacher… then it’s quite possible that they’re going to bounce over to someone else’s site.

You deserve to teach the clients that you love. And if you want to get more music students to find you and book with you? You need to be findable and bookable.

In the video below, I’m sharing 3 specific ways for you to attract and CONNECT with those awesome students who are waiting to find you. This is a one-two punch of mindset and marketing. (And I think that you’ll like it.) Check it out:

Show Notes from the Broadcast

  1. Give yourself permission to be awesome. This is a key element to getting more of those awesome music students. Great marketing starts by learning to show up as ourselves. This means leaning into what makes you unique as a teacher, giving people a clear picture of the magic that happens in your studio, and embracing the fact that you are a human being who isn’t perfect. That’s a GOOD thing — Nobody wants to learn from a robot! (Or if they do, they can totally go study an app. No judgement.)
  2. Ask for feedback from clients. If you’re not sure what makes your studio stand out… ask. Sometimes it’s tricky to figure out what makes you more than “just a piano teacher.” Here’s a fun way to do it: At the end of a lesson, ask your student this question, “What was the most valuable thing that happened in today’s lesson?” You may be pleasantly surprised at what you learn.
  3. Get an outside perspective. Here’s where the work really kicks in. If you haven’t looked at your social media or website from a pair of “fresh eyes,” then it’s time to start. Pretend that you’re the parent of a 16 year old kid who wants voice lessons… then go to your sites and ask yourself if it’s clear 1) who this person works with and if they can help my kid and 2) what buttons do I need to click to go where. If this exercise is too difficult, ask a trusted friend or colleague to give you kind feedback.

So let’s put this into practice…

What was the most valuable thing that you learned from watching this video and reading this post?

Thanks for watching and reading. Catch more business, mindset, and awesometicity tips here on the coaching page every Wednesday at 12pm ET.

Until next time! Stay savvy! And stay YOU!

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