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Here we are! Wrapping up another year, with all the twists and turns and leaps that keep business and life interesting. It’s time for a recap of the Best of Savvy in 2022.

What’s in this Best of Savvy List?

Savvy Highlights:

Y’all watched over 71.6K minutes of Savvy on Facebook + YouTube

Wowzah! That’s a lot of Savvy time. Huge thanks to all the regulars who show up in the comments on a weekly basis. YOU are the reason that I love what I do here at Savvy. And I’m excited to dive into our plans for 2023.

Top 5 Broadcasts of 2022:

We did a whooping 34 broadcasts last year. (!!!) According to our Meta + YouTube insights, these were your favorites!

5 Limiting Beliefs That Hold Us Back from Making Big and Brave Decisions in our Businesses and Lives.
3 (actually 4!) Amazing Studio Branding Before and Afters from Teachers Around the World
5 Tactics to Help You Clock Out When You Work From Home
How Branding, Marketing, and Sales Work Together
3 Scheduling Mistakes to Avoid in Your Music Studio

Top 5 Quick Tip Recaps of 2022

Here at Savvy we understand that you don’t always have the time to watch a 30 minute video each week — that’s why we create 3-5 minute recaps of all our broadcasts! You can find them on our Instagram account every Thursday.

What does the future hold?

As always, we’ll continue to bring you more Savvy content on our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels. If you ever have ideas for content, we welcome you to fill out our brief “What’s Next for Savvy?” form.

Something new: I’ve been dreaming about launching a podcast. I’ve loved guesting on podcasts this past year, and I’d really like to try my hand at creating one of my own. It’s still in the planning stages, but once we start getting those plans in place, you’ll be able to take us on the go!

We’re also revamping our Branding Bootcamp for its big relaunch in Fall of 2023. Plus we’re dreaming up a 2.0 version for the 100+ teachers who have dug in and done the hard things.

Outside of the biz, I’m aiming to continue getting super cozy with my new gym routines (7 months strong right now!) and to start on the big house renovation that we’ve been planning for years.

In short: there’s a lot of good things happening.

The start of each year always feels optimistic, and while there’s a tendency to get caught up in the “newness” of things… I want to stay focused on what’s most important: creating a business and life that feels authentic to who I am.

I hope you can do the same. Because after all… you’re an amazing teacher and there’s no one in the world quite like you.

And I think you’re pretty dang awesome.

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