Hiding in the sea of sameness?

Stand out with a unique, powerful studio brand so that you can increase your roster AND your rates.

Let’s talk about you.

You love teaching. You’re GREAT at teaching. But you’d rather sight read Sondheim than market, promote yourself on social media, or do anything that feels even remotely “sales-y.”

This is where studio owners and course creators get lost.

Maybe your website says something like, “Piano Lessons for All Ages and All Levels”* when the truth is, deep down, you hate working with kids.

Or maybe your business cards read, “Voice lessons: All styles and genres” when, really, the thought of teaching one more Billie Eilish song makes you want to slam the piano lid closed for good.

(*Full disclosure: That’s actually a line from my first FB page and website. Not kidding. I did it too.)

Branding Bootcamp with Sara Campbell of Savvy Music Studio

What happens when we market from vagueness rather than specificity?

We attract the wrong clients.

… the ones who don’t practice.
… the ones who quibble about registration fees and tuition.
… the ones who are never happy with your rep ideas…and you’re never happy with theirs
… the ones who quit after only taking lessons for a month.

Before you know it, you’re creatively depleted and feeling a little resentful that your business is running YOU instead of the other way around.

Why did this happen?

Because your studio branding didn’t match the awesomeness that you provide.

knowledge drop:

Even if you’ve never given ANY thought to branding… Your music biz has a brand.

Every aspect of your communication — what you post, the images you choose, how you word your emails, heck, even the fonts you use for your studio policies — it all represents your brand. For better or worse.
What does your current FB page communicate to potential students? What about your website? Your Google business listing? (Don’t have one? No worries.)

Your business is too valuable to leave your brand to chance. It’s time to take control so that you can attract the clients that make your heart sing.

Savvy Music Studio - Sara Campbell



It's time for your music studioto get #savvy
Branding Bootcamp with Sara Campbell of Savvy Music Studio
A group coaching experience unlike any other, designed to give you the tools you need so that you can attract the clients you love.

It's time to:

Develop the confidence to show up as your totally amazing self. Both in the studio and online.

Build an online presence that clearly states who you are and what your studio is about so that your dream clients can find you

Start actually having FUN running your social media. AND your business.

You deserve to teach the clients that you love. And I can help you find them.

Fall 2020 Branding Bootcamp


When Oct. 9th – Nov. 13th
Where Weekly Zoom classes and a private FB group.
How Live chats, recorded videos, and downloadables.
Why Because your studio deserves to stand out.


Branding Bootcamp with Sara Campbell of Savvy Music Studio

In this course, you will:

  • Get super clear about the clients you want to attract and learn how to speak to their needs. 
  • Establish brand promises and unique value propositions that help your music studio stand out.
  • Define your own unique visual and verbal elements of branding so that marketing becomes a breeze.
  • Develop branding strategies that will work for your specific type of studio and market.
  • Learn how and where to use those strategies in person, on FB & Instagram, and your website.

If you’re ready to step into your #savvy and get intentional about your brand, this is the course for you. ​

What does this include?


For six weeks I’ll be there to guide you, giving you assignments, answering your questions, holding you accountable, and helping you DO THE THINGS.


Where you’ll get my signature branding system and the tools and confidence you need to use it. Class Days / Times: Every Friday @ 12pm – 1pm ET from Oct. 9th – Nov. 13th. *


a 25 page PDF workbook that takes you step-by-step through essential branding foundations and strategies.


in a private FB group where you’ll get to interact with other teachers who will be there to cheer you on as you click those “DONE” buttons.

*Can’t attend the classes live? No worries. Classes are recorded and I’m ALL about interacting with you while you comment on the replays. (30% of the teachers in this course are replay watchers!)

… and who loves bonuses?



my social media workbook that guides you through effective social media strategies on Facebook and Instagram. ($97 value)


a private 30 min Zoom call at the end of the course to make sure you’re heading out into the world, confident about your brand! ($97 value)


a personalized online presence feedback video where I walk through your FB business page and website home page to show you what’s working and where you can improve. ($297 value)


weekly “silent work time” at the end of every class. We’ll go into mute mode on Zoom, and I’ll be available in chat to answer questions as you work. It’s all about accountability! (#priceless)


Enroll by September 25th and get access to the Viral Content Template Pack with 100 templates to use on Canva ($47 value)

The full value of this course is $997… but I’m thrilled to offer it for only $497.

What teachers are saying...

Lori Beth FisherVoice Teacher, TX
Read More
It was helpful to see other perspectives and how DIFFERENT each studio and teacher can be, which is a relief because it showed me I can be my complete and authentic SELF as a business owner and teacher.
Shirley HubalekPiano Teacher in Maryland
Read More
Sara has helped me feel so much more confident with business decisions… i.e. logo design. Facebook page, etc. I know I am no longer out there alone. It’s great to know that I have a coach in my corner!
Julie Sherwood DudaPiano Teacher
Read More
Masterclass?! Best thing I ever did for my studio business and for myself!
Janet FitzPiano Teacher in Lancaster, PA
Read More
Should you sign up for Branding Bootcamp? Ab-so-lute-ly! Course content is excellent. This course was challenging, insightful, and relevant. Sara has energized my focus and has given me solid footing for developing my business. Best business coaching for music studio teachers!
Stephanie Bramble Chevalierin Baltimore, MD
Read More
Before signing up thought: “I’m not tech savvy so branding might not be pertinent to me and my studio.” In the class, I got wonderful guidance on how to brand my business through color, words, photos and artwork.
Tiffany OwensVoice Teacher in Cincinnati, OH
Read More
Since taking Branding Bootcamp, I’ve started to think about what I really want to do for my music studio and who I really want to work with. And I made a realization that “marketing” my business is ok. Now I am seeing my studio as a business and have learned to focus on and target the customers that are a good fit for my studio!
This isn’t just about taking another online course… it’s about making a difference in your life.

Are you ready?

Branding Bootcamp with Sara Campbell of Savvy Music Studio

Then it's time to grab your seat!

Got questions? Feel free to email me. I’ll be happy to chat with you about how this course can help your business.