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Hey there! My name is Sara Campbell, and I’m a business coach for music teachers .

Marketing strategies, policy design, onboarding processes, optimizing courses and systems: these are the things that make me go “OH HECK YES… SIGN ME UP! YEAH, BABY!”

This is not a one-size-fits all “coaching program” where I’ll teach you how to find success using a step-by-step replica of how I found success. That shiz is lame. And it rarely works.

how to get found online
This is a custom coaching experience.

As your coach, I’ll help you figure out  problems, refine business practices, and create a clear path towards your goals. YOU get to be the decision maker… and I’ll be there to help you make those decisions with confidence. 

We’ll work together to create the success that you need and the time off that you crave.

But we’re gonna do it in a way that sets you up for FUTURE success, because you’ll be better at making decisions and solving problems. 

It's time for you to...

Create an Ideal Schedule​

Looking for more students? We’ll discuss the how-tos for marketing and ideal clients. And you’ll learn how to attract the right people for the right reasons! Need to cut back? Scaling back your schedule doesn’t have to mean less income. And it doesn’t have to be terrifying.

Stop the Admin Overwhelm

It’s time to streamline your processes so that you don’t waste your energy on the boring stuff. Repeat after me: No. More. Crazy. Admin. Hours. You’ll learn to develop systems that will free up precious time. (So you can do those fun things you want to do!)

Embrace Your Unique Brand

Brand is important – it’s why people come to YOUR biz! We’ll chat values and teaching philosophies and examine your brand presence. No more cookie-cutter copy or uninspired marketing! It's time to show the world the awesomeness that is your business.

Start Marketing Like a Pro

Whether you’re just getting started or if you’re ready to scale, I’m here to help you figure out what you’ll need to make your services and courses sell like hot cakes. With butter. And syrup. Without all the salesy gross marketing tactics!

Savvy Music Studio - Sara Campbell




What You Get With Me

Personalized coaching designed to help you create a thriving business so that you can enjoy life OUTSIDE of work!
Monthly Meetings

Standard packages include 2 hour long Zoom sessions every month. Every session includes a detailed Google doc with our notes and outlined Actions Steps. And yes, you can record all the things!

Lotsa Love

Sometimes it will be tough love, but most of the time it'll be "heck yeah, you did it!" celebrations. When you need a kick in the pants, I'll be there. When you need kindness and understanding, you got it.

Other Goodies

Between calls you can get support via our private Slack channel. You'll also get a private Google Drive folder with customizable templates; this will be our place to share documents for feedback!

Types of Clients I Work With...

Studio Coaching

Studio Teachers

Needing to make changes in your private studio? We’ll work together to examine your business practices, policies, and marketing strategies so that you can get where you want to be.

We start by figuring out the scope of your project(s)! Typical contract length is 1-3 months. This package includes:

  • twice-monthly 60 minute sessions via Zoom
  • detailed write-ups of our chats with action steps
  • a Google Drive folder where we can kick documents back and forth
  • and a private Slack channel for support between sessions to make sure that you stay in action! 

CURRENTLY FULL: Apply for mid-July opening – Book an Initial Fit Call NOW 


Investment: $500 a month

What teachers are saying...

Ashley Denay
Ashley Denay@ashleydenaymusic
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The best upgrade I ever made to my Voice Studio was working with Sara. She really dug into my Policies & Procedures, made sure I focused on my goals and what needs to happen next. She gave me a complete outline to use on myself as a guide for Social Media content. Sara was one of the best upgrades I ever made to my business to help alleviate STRESS. We worked together during the endof 2020 and going into 2021. I was having a hard time & she showed me compassion. I'm grateful we crossed paths and now I can call her friend. Thank you!
Julie Duda
Julie DudaPiano Teacher at Julie Duda Music Studio in Pittsburgh, PA
Read More
The results have been a significant increase in my revenue, and a greater respect from my clients for me, not only as a music teacher, but as a business owner. I now have a studio schedule and policies that will allow me to enjoy my profession as a music teacher in a way that I never have before…and this will be my 34th year of teaching music! Sara is so good at communicating information and fostering a creative and helpful group dynamic. Thank you!
Brandy Woods
Brandy WoodsPiano Teacher in Pittsburgh, PA
Read More
Sara is an excellent business coach. She met me where I was in my business, helped me clarify my long-term goals, and gave me the push I needed to make overdue changes and decisions. Every week, her live broadcasts are full of solid advice and tips for piano teachers. She is consistently professional and positive. I can't recommend her enough and look forward to working with her again in the near future.
Next Level Creator

Course Creators & Next

Looking to SERIOUSLY up-level your business, launch a course, or create a new income stream that’s outside of the traditional music studio model? I’m here to help you. These things take time and strategies to develop. 

We start by determining the scope of project and decide the support you’ll need to reach your goal. Typically ontract length is 3-6 months. This package includes:

  • twice-monthly 60 minute sessions via Zoom
  • detailed session write-ups and action plans
  • a private Slack Channel for support between sessions
  • media kit templates & branding workbooks
  • detailed website & social media audits
  • feedback on project materials like memberships, courses, email journeys, etc.

CURRENTLY FULL: Apply for Late Summer / Fall Spot – Book an Initial Fit Call NOW

Investment starts at $1500 in full / $500 a month

What creators are saying...

Meredith Colby
Meredith ColbyVoice Teacher at Neurovocal Method
Read More
I committed to 1-on-1 coaching with Sara, and am really happy I made that decision. Sara has helped me understand and navigate the social media landscape, and get my message out in a really positive way. There are lots of ways to learn about internet marketing, but when a solo-preneur is creating a path for themselves, they need a knowledgeable person in their corner to help draw the map. Sara is that person for music business owners.
Ruth Power
Ruth Power@pianopicnic
Read More
I've unlocked a new way to make more regular income from my online students without having to wait to create a huge course. It's less time, effort, more consistent income. I'm so excited to continue to build up this side of the business! My Facebook page & group is so much more responsive & alive compared to before, thanks to regular Live videos and consistent content that has a purpose (and life after social media!)
Geriann Hanley Wiesbrook
Geriann Hanley WiesbrookFounder at Hey G Help Me Use My Group to Impact the World
Read More
Want clarity? Want to up your game? Want constructive feedback from a knowledgeable and charming coach? Sara is your person. What she knows off the top of her head, on any given day, will get you to the next level. Or past your own mental blocks. Or your fuzzy strategy. You won’t regret working with Sara.
Online Influencer

Organizations & Influencers

You’re a music organization or big time influencer in our field. You’ve opened your membership doors, launched your course, app, or coaching services. Business is humming along, but you find yourself wondering how to kick it up to an 11.

We’ll make a customized package for your business with weekly Zoom sessions, end-of-week check-ins, and the specific training and support you need to make your mark in the music world. 


Custom Rates

How we get started...

Savvy Music Studio - marketing for music studio owners. Sara at a laptop computer

Here at Savvy, we don’t waste time with free discovery calls that are basically just heavy sales pitches. Every new coaching client starts with a 30 minute Initial Fit Call for a small fee of $97.

(Yes, I believe you should be charging for your trial lessons!)

Here’s how this call works: 

  • You’ll book a call and fill out an intake form to describe the issues you’re facing and what you’re hoping to achieve.
  • During our call we’ll discuss what’s going on, toss around possible solutions, and get to know one another a bit.
  • At the end we’ll decide if we’re a good fit and discuss what you’ll need in a coaching package. If we’re NOT a good fit, I’ll send you in the right direction. ‘Cause I have lots of coaching buddies and lists of resources.

Are you an alumna client or SECO Member?

ALUMNA: You may not need to book an initial fit call. Reach out to me via the button below and let’s talk about what you need… whether it’s a package or just a single brush-up session. (And yeah, this goes for you alumnus too!) 

SECO MEMBERS: Stop right there! You can book coaching sessions and packages with me directly through The SpeakEasy Cooperative. Login to the site –> go to Member Dashboard –> and click “Book a Session” in the side menu.

It's all about the happy clients.

Melissa Coombs
Melissa CoombsSinging Pebbles Vocal Studio
Read More
Sara is an amazing coach! She is bubbly, energetic, and oh so very positive. She tackles tough topics like asking clients for reviews with empathy and positivity. #Bravepant...lol. I have taken her Branding Bootcamp and am working on her social media course as well. Sara is highly knowledgeable and super skilled at sharing the goodness with her clients.
Pete Martinez
Pete MartinezPiano Teacher at Mtz Music Studios
Read More
Sara is knowledgeable, professional and gracious. Her energy is contagious. She helped to clear the fog around a hazy subject and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship. Sara cares about her work, will care about you, and will be your biggest cheerleader.
Susan Hanlon
Susan HanlonSusan Hanlon Vocal Studio
Read More
I would absolutely recommend Sara's group coaching and one-on-one coaching because she gave me tangible steps that I could follow to attain my end goal for my messaging. I have finally begun to clean up my website messaging to get it more in line with my social media messaging! I have also better defined who my ideal client is and realized it doesn't have to be age or gender or socioeconomics related if there is a through line that passes in all of my ideal clients. Thank you Sara!

Are you ready to rock?

Business shifts, big or small, require brave and strategic moves, and those shifts can feel scary. We’ll make excuses that “this isn’t the right moment,” or “maybe next year.”

But really? There is no perfect moment and next year might not be any different… unless you make the decision to make a difference.

It's time to make a difference.


The client (that’s you!) is solely responsible for creating their own physical, mental and emotional well-being, decisions, choices, actions and results arising out of or resulting from the course and interactions with the Coach (that’s me!). The Client agrees that the Coach is not and will not be liable or responsible for any actions or inaction, or for any direct or indirect result of any services provided by the Coach.

Limited Liability: Coach makes no guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind or nature, express or implied with respect to the coaching services negotiated, agreed upon and rendered. (AKA… I don’t have a crystal ball and I cannot guarantee that you’ll make crazy amounts of monies.) In no event shall the Coach be liable to the Client for any indirect, consequential or special damages.

BUT REALLY… I’m a business / marketing / mindset coach, but I am not a fortune teller, lawyer, accountant, or counselor. Full disclosure: I also cannot play the ukulele. If you require skills of said professionals or are seeking ukulele playing advice, I will help you find the proper resources!

REFUND POLICY: No refunds are available for individual sessions, group coachings, or MMGs. Here’s why: I’m 100% dedicated to finding solutions for my coaching clients. Every single session is guaranteed to result in us coming up with solutions for your business and further resources that will help you. It’s up to you to implement mindfully. Purchasing a self-paced course or product? You’ll have 14 days to request a reason for refund via email to sara@savvymusicstudio.com. After that time, no refunds will be issued. If you have purchased a coaching package and wish to discontinue after the first session, I will offer a reimbursement of the remaining coaching sessions, minus administration and credit card fees. And we can still be friends. To cancel a coaching package, send an email to sara@savvymusicstudio.com with your request within 48 hours of your first session.