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The Get Found Online Field Guide

Get The Info You Need To Be Selective About Your Social Platforms and Attract the Clients of Your Dreams
how to get found online

Want a proven guide to up your social media game?

Worried that your business isn’t getting enough online exposure. Anxious because you don’t know how to establish an online presence for your business?

Exhausted from churning out endless content that fails to convert?

My friend, you’re not alone.

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Google My Business. YouTube. And on and on…

There are so many platforms, and by the time you’ve gotten the hang of one of them, another one pops up that you feel like you have to learn. You want to stay fresh, relevant, and current in your online presence, but it’s just so much.

It’s time to stop playing whack-a-mole with your online marketing strategy.

You’re ready to:
…discern how different online platforms can grow your business.
…discover which platforms are the right fit for your business.
…develop a strategy to help you achieve your specific goals.

You know that if you could fit an extra hour into your schedule each day to dig through Google and YouTube, you could find the information you need about which platforms to use based on your goals and the clients that you need to reach.

The challenge is that there’s sooooo much information , it feels like drinking water out of a fire hose!

It’s ok. Take a breath. 

I’ve got you covered and know just what will simplify the information overload, reduce the overwhelm and fear, and get you started on your social media strategy to establish an online presence for your business.

Are you ready for your studio to get found online?

It's time to get strategic.

Not everyone has the time, or even knows where to look, to learn about the subtle nuances of each social media platform. 

It can be very time consuming to figure it out for yourself. I’ve BEEN THERE, DONE THAT when it comes to building multiple successful music businesses through online marketing.

I want to give you all the cutting-edge information so that you can authentically engage with social media without sounding salesy or stiff. That’s why I’ve compiled a field guide with alllll the savvy tips and tricks for each of the most popular platforms.  

My goal is to help you eliminate the overwhelm about what and where to post, and get ready to market your services strategically and confidently.

What's inside the guide?

The Get Found Online Field Guide will give you an overview of the most powerful social media and search engine platforms for your music business. In this guide you’ll learn industry specific information about…

  • The top 5 ways social media & search engines can grow your studio. 
  • The what, why, and how of 11 different social, search, and hybrid online platforms. 
  • A detailed walk-through of 4 tried-and-true strategies to expand your online presence. 
  • Workbook pages so you can create a step-by-step plan for your studio. 
AND… since I know that platforms are constantly changing (they changed multiple times while I was creating the guide), I’m planning on releasing free twice-yearly updates… included with your purchase 😉

The Get Found Online Field Guide will help you:

      • Become a marketing rockstar by building your confidence in using social media to grow your business.
      • Make your business more visible with specific strategies and tactics that will allow you to reach more of the right people.
      • Get new leads by bringing interaction to your business and adding a digital footprint.
  • You can get a hold of The Get Found Online Field Guide for $7. 

    Is this guide worth more than I’m charging? Yup. Why am I offering it at this low of a price? 

    Two reasons:

    • 1st… It’s my way of giving back to the music entrepreneur community. I want to help as many music teachers and online music professionals as possible because I believe in the important work we’re all doing.
    • 2nd… This is what you call a “lead magnet.” That’s a fancy term for offering something that is MEGA valuable for free in exchange for your email address. You probably download this kinda stuff all. the. time. 

    But here’s the deal: you have enough free downloads gathering dust on your computer. I want you to get results. Making an investment, even if it’s just a small one, means that you’re more likely to ACTUALLY use this resource.

    So are you getting this for a steal of a price? You bet your #bravepants you are. 

    Get your copy for only $7

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    Get found online field guide

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    I want you to understand the fundamentals of social media marketing so you can build the business of your dreams… and help your students achieve theirs.