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How Impact and Effort Should Change Your Priorities

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How Impact and Effort Should Change Your Priorities, To do list, Organize priorities, Impact and Effort

Overwhelmed with your to-do list?

Here’s a simple way to organize your priorities by measuring impact and effort.

(This is a great way to get unstuck!)

How it works: 

Make your to-do list — this can include everything! It doesn’t have to be limited to business related tasks. Put your everyday tasks on there too: exercise, laundry, cooking meals, running errands… etc. 

Your next step is to chart out the items on an Impact / Effort quadrant.

The horizontal X axis measures the amount effort it will take to complete that task and the vertical Y axis measures the impact the item will have on your life / business / happiness / well-being / pocket.

— Quick Wins = High Impact, Low Effort 
— Big Projects = High Impact, High Effort and 
— Fill-Ins = Low Impact, Low Effort 
— Thankless Tasks = Low Impact, High Effort 

Don’t overthink your chart!

Plop things down where they make the most sense, and then get moving. Pick some Quick Wins to help you feel motivated, Fill-Ins when you have the time, and make sure to carve out time to work on those Big Projects every day. 

As for the Thankless Tasks? Well, watch this video to see what I have to say about those… 

Interested in more business and mindset mojo?

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