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Moving from Comfort to Growth in Your Music Studio

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Comfort zones are… well, comfortable. They’re familiar, easy to navigate, and they make us feel safe. But here’s a little secret: comfort zones can rob us of success.

The phrase “comfort zone” itself is kind of misleading. “Comfort” makes us think about things that bring us peace and happiness: raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, macaroni and cheese, binging a Netflix show…

You know, things that make you happy. 

Sounds nice, right? Well… comfort zones are places where we feel safe and in control. It’s where we avoid rocking the boat with changes in our teaching style, scheduling, policies, or branding. And don’t get me wrong: sometimes it’s okay to be in that comfort zone. 


But if we stay in that zone too long, or if we deny ourselves the possibility of growth eventually that comfort zone starts to feel cramped, stagnant, and well… uncomfortable.

“Your comfort zone keeps you in a very predictable space” — Marla Tabaka

That predictable space doesn’t give us the room to grow… to dare… to dream. And while it might feel safe and comfortable, it can STOP US from building the music studio businesses and the personal lives that we want. 

That we need.

(And that we deserve.)

In this broadcast, I break down what we must pass through as we leave that comfort zone in search of growth. There will be moments of discomfort. There will be moments of fear.

But on the other side of those things? You’re going to find a new comfort zone. (And you’re gonna love it.)


The four zones of growth… in “order.” 

  1. The Comfort Zone – This is our “safe space” where we feel in control of everything. 
  2. The Fear Zone – The first step out of the comfort zone can be scary! We’re often unsure of our decisions and find excuses not to make changes. 
  3. The Learning Zone – Where we start rising to the challenges, acquire new skills, and start extending our comfort zone
  4. The Growth Zone – Woohoo! Now that we’ve learned new things and extended our comfort zones, we can start finding our purpose and setting new goals. 

And remember: progress isn’t always linear, so you’ll often dance between the zones before making a clear path ahead. 

comfort to growth

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Stay savvy, and stay you! 💚

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