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Time-Saving Social Media Strategies for Your Music Studio

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time saving social media strategies for your music studio

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Creating engaging content for your music studio’s social media can be a time-consuming task.

The pressure to come up with fresh ideas and maintain an active online presence can leave just about any teacher (especially if you’re solo!) feeling overwhelmed and tapped out.

However, by implementing these time-saving social media strategies, you can streamline your content creation process and save SOOOO much effort!

In this article, I’m sharing 3 of my FAV tips. Let’s check ’em out.

Tip #1: Embrace Content Batching

One of the most effective social media strategies for saving time and minimizing decision fatigue is content batching. What is content batching, you ask? Think of it this way:

Batching content is similar to batching cookies. No one wants to heat the oven, get out all the ingredients, mix everything together, and clean everything up just for one cookie.

That’s a lot of work for very little pay off.

If you’re gonna do ALL those things — it makes more sense to make a batch of cookies!

a stack of cookies vs. a single cookie. content batching is like making cookies. you want more than one!

Instead of trying to come up with daily content ideas on the spot, set aside dedicated time in your studio admin time for content creation.

By making similar decisions all at once, you can streamline your workflow and save yourself from having to hop between micro-tasks in the future. (I’m all about cutting down decision fatigue.)

PLUS… batching content makes it easier to establish a consistent theme throughout your content, which makes it PERFECT for those times that you need to craft marketing around special events such as recitals, workshops, courses, or summer camps.

During your designated content batching session, brainstorm and plan out things like:

  • social media posts
  • blog articles
  • videos or reels
  • or any other content formats you utilize

New to batching content? Here are 3 tips to get started:

  • Take time once a month to organize studio photos and videos into a single folder. That way you don’t have to scroll forever to find what you need. Here’s a quick tutorial about how to do this on an iPhone. (Android users, if you have a similar video tip, let me know and I’ll add it to this blog!)
  • Keep a notebook handy to jot down funny stories, ideas for posts, etc. And don’t be afraid to take a minute during lessons to document! “Hey, what you said there was brilliant! I’m going to write it down so I can remember it. I’d love to write a post about it sometime.”
  • Start building a place to store your ideas / photos / videos. Whether it’s on a spread sheet, a desktop folder, or lists in a notebook, having a place for your studio photos and stories is key to streamlining the creation process!

Once you’ve batched some content, the next decision to make is: how are you going to post that content? Which brings us to my second time-saving tip…

Tip #2: Use Content Management Tools

I loooooove content management tools! They’re great for automating social media posts and reducing the need for hands-on-posting.

Instead of having to post manually two, three, four, or more times a week… content management tools allow you to schedule ALL your content to a calendar, which will automatically post to your socials at the day / time of your choosing.

One of my favorite free tools for this is Meta Business Suite. It’s easy-to-use and offers the ability to schedule posts and stories to both Facebook and Instagram.

With this tool, you’re able to schedule content up to 29 days out, drag and drop scheduled content, and customize your posts for different platforms.

Another cool feature: it gives you post prompts called “Moments,” reminding you about upcoming holidays.

meta business suite example

Side note: As of Sept. 2023, I don’t suggest using MBS to create and schedule reels. The options to add fancy things like captions, text, stickers, etc, is very limited compared to posting natively on Facebook or Instagram.

If you’re looking for even more powerful content management tools

There are SO many options out there! Here are a couple paid content management tools that I’ve tried out and often suggest to my clients:

  • Canva Content Planner – If you use Canva Pro, take advantage of their content planner! I have a lot of clients who LOVE this because it eliminates the need to download / upload graphics via another program. Once you finish your graphic, you can easily schedule it to the calendar with a couple of clicks. Bonus: they have great help documents to guide you through the process.
  • SmarterQueue – At Savvy Music Studio we use this program to help us mix up a combination of repurposed content + new content every week. I suggest this for businesses who have LARGE libraries of content that they’d like to repurpose to 3+ platforms. This is best for tech-savvy users. (If this sounds like something you’d like to try, my aff link will give you a 30 day free trial.)

** Side note: I realize that scheduling content can feel tech-heavy for some teachers, so I want to take a moment and reiterate what I say to ALL of my clients: you get to choose your hard.

If learning a new piece of tech isn’t something you wanna do, posting-as-you-go is just fine!

Okay… so you’ve batched and scheduled your content, now what? My final time-saving social media strategies tip is to get familiar with repurposing content. Let’s dive in!

Tip #3: Leverage the Power of Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is a game-changer when it comes to maximizing the value of your existing content. Instead of always needing to come up with new ideas — tap into the goldmine of your previous successful content pieces!

(Indeed, this is my absolute FAV social media strategies. A HUGE amount of our content is repurposed.)

It’s like what my student Greta said about playing older piano songs after you’ve passed them and got the sticker on the top of your page:

They’re not bananas. They don’t go bad!

Repurposing can be done in two main ways:

  1. Reposting existing content as-is. If a piece of content performs well the first time, it will probably perform well again! You’ve probably seen people post things lie “throwback Thursdays,” – this is a great example of repurposing. (Did you know that 60% of our Savvy weekly content is repurposed?)
  2. Taking a piece of existing content and turning into another style of content. For example: taking a blog post and turning it into a series of short posts, or taking a video full of tips and making it into a graphics carousel.

Take this blog post for example! It started as a 25 min long Facebook live broadcast — then we then turned it into:

Repurposing a piece of content into multiple forms not only saves you time coming up with new ideas, it also allows you to reach people in your audience via different mediums.

Some people love videos, some love graphics, some love long form text… you get the picture 🙂

Pro-tip: When repurposing content, it’s important to consider context and timing.

Ensure that the repurposed content remains relevant and aligned with the current season or trends.

For example, avoid posting Christmas-recital-themed content in the middle of summer. Unless you’re going for a Christmas in July theme! I’d be on board with that.

AND… be carefully not to repurpose content too quickly. My rule of thumb is to space out a piece of content at least 90 days after you originally post it. (You could probably get away with 60 if you’re posting every day.)

In Conclusion

By implementing these three time-saving social media strategies – content batching, content repurposing, and utilizing content management tools – you can regain control over your studio’s content creation process and free up valuable brainspace and time.

This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business… and more importantly: regain precious hours to do non-work things, like hanging out with your kiddos, friends, or pursuing hobbies.

‘Cause you deserve to do those things on the regular 😉

Do you have time-saving tips for content creation? Let us know in the comments!

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