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What Facebook Teaches Us About Marketing Our Music Studios

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Running a Facebook business page takes time and effort, especially when it comes to figuring out that delicate balance of writing posts that are information, fun, and yes… promotional.

When we’re laser focused on finding / booking new students, it’s common to err on the side of being TOO promotional — AND — if you’re rushed or not sure what to post about, it’s easy to fall into the habit of just sharing music related links to keep our FB page looking “busy.”


When a FB post doesn’t get engagement, the FB algorithm marks them as “uninteresting,” which means they get bumped down (or basically off) the newsfeed. Then those 200 or 300 people who like your page? Well, they never end up seeing the posts. Too many un-engageable posts = your page not getting ANY attention at all.

Yet… you might notice other FB studio pages who make posts that get tons of attention. They get the likes / comments needed to boost their post up into your newsfeed. They’ve learned how to engage with FB in a way that gets their materials out in front of their audience. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could that magic formula to tap into what makes those likeable / engageable posts so… engageable?  Well… 


And that’s what this video is all about. FB constantly shows us the “magic formula” to make engageable magic posts happen. (Literally every. single. day.) These marketing lessons from FB are part of the reason we keep coming back to use this social media platform day in and day out. 

In this broadcast I’ll  break down the three marketing lessons that FB teaches us… and once you start applying them to your FB page? 

Amazing things WILL start to happen.


  1. Mile markers are important. That’s why we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, first-day-of-piano-lessons, and yay-you-graduated-your-books! 
  2. Memories matter. They help us recognize where we’ve been, and the give credence to our ability to sustain long-lasted client relationships in our studio. (Retention for the win!)
  3. Relationships are key. How can YOU celebrate the relationships you have with your student clients? Parent clients? Shout it out LOUD AND PROUD! #SHOUTYTHURSDAY (Sorry if that makes no sense to you. Friend me on FB and you’ll get it.) 

The final #takeaways? If we want to get people engaging our posts and coming back to our pages to look for new content… we need to build those relationships. That’s what FB is all about. Establishing REAL relationships online. It’s not about likes. It’s not about views. It’s about creating connections with our friends and our audiences.


Catch more business, mindset, and awesometicity tips here on the coaching page every Wednesday at 12pm ET.

Thanks for reading and listening! Stay savvy, stay you. 

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